Inspirational Engineers—Speaker Series

Inspirational Engineers—Speaker Series

Beginning in October, EWB-LA hosted a speaker series to highlight the work other people and NGOs have been involved in on an international and local scale.

  • Oct 17th—Chris Hill and Lawrence Ham—Chris is an EWB-LA member who spoke to us about his experiences at a village in Guatemala which has water access issues. EWB-LA is now looking at partnering with the village for a potential project. Lawrence is involved in several NGO and non profits around the world including Global Health Review(co-founder), Global Adolescent Project(co-founder), and First Ladies Initiative (Strategic Programs Initiative). He spoke to us about challenges faced in the field as well as the concepts and ideas behind his projects.
  • Nov 14th—Cindy Montanez—Cindy Montanez is an Assistant General Manager at LA-DWP. We talked with Cindy about different challenges our organization faces and she gave us good ideas about how our chapter can get involved on a local level.
  • Dec 12th—Lucia Hill—Lucia Hill is a Guatemala native and the founder of Mujeres Iniciando en las Américas (MIA) focused on ending femicide in Guatemala through gender education and cultural change. She spoke to us about her experiences growing up in Guatemala during its civil war and how she was inspired to start MIA. For more information about Lucia’s NGO and how you can get involved, visit
  • Jan 9th—Matt Vecere—Matt Vecere is the co-founder of Global Adolescent Project and Emprofit. He spoke with us about the current situation in Haiti 3 years after the earthquake and the current cholera outbreak there. He also spoke to us about the experiences he had working there and the challenges facing Haiti for the future. For more information about Matt’s NGO you can visit



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