EWB-LA – Rebuilding of Homeless Women and Children Home

EWB-LA – Rebuilding of Homeless Women and Children Home

Members from our chapter took the time to help volunteer with the rebuilding of Colette’s Shelter on Saturday July 13th. Ricardo Tapia, Gustavo Buenrostro, Idalia Santos and Grace Yu helped with many of the tasks that day. They helped with tearing down an old fence to replaced by a new one, breaking concrete stabs to make way for a garden, digging a ditch for a new sprinkler system and applying stucco on the exterior of the house for new paint. Other activities included, painting metal railing, wheel-barreling out hundreds of pounds of dirt and concrete, and sanding the exterior of the house to lay way for the new paint.

This event was a great hands on experience for our members, many of who have never picked up a jack-hammer or mixed stucco. Experiences that definitely help with the hands-on building experience for projects abroad.

The volunteering event was organized by Boeing’s Corporate Citizenship for their month-long series of volunteering events for July. Collette’s Shelter is a home in Huntington Beach for homeless women with children and provides a temporary place to live while they can find employment. The event was three Saturday’s long and all the labor, tools and materials were provided by those that volunteered and Boeing.

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