Student Mentoring

One of the primary goals of EWB-USA is to involve, train, and develop internationally responsible engineering students. In recognizing that change often begins with the youth, the EWB-Los Angeles Professional Chapter strongly supports this goal and has developed partnerships with local student chapters to provide professional mentoring and joint meetings with the student chapters, and is working to further strengthen the relationships we have forged thus far with the student groups.

Within the Los Angeles area there are student EWB chapters at:

University of Southern California 
University of California – Los Angeles 
California State Polytechnic University – Pomona 
California State University – Long Beach
Loyola Marymount University

Want to get involved as an EWB-LA Professional student mentor?  Serving as a mentor is an exciting and rewarding experience and often involves travel abroad with the student volunteers.  Please contact the Student Chapter Liaison or the chapter Secretary with any questions regarding student mentoring opportunities or EWB-LA’s partnership with the Los Angeles area student chapters.  Mentor candidates will be asked to submit a resume.

LMU needs a new mentor for their Malawi project!

Loyola Marymount University is looking for an EWB professional to mentor their Malawi project team.  LMU is working to install a new pump and water filtration system at the Malingunde School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  An implementation trip is planned for August 2010. Contact if you’d like to volunteer.

The other current student chapter projects are:

UCLA Guatemala Project

This project involves the construction of household-scale rainwater collection systems for the purpose of collecting and storing clean, drinking water supplies for use during the dry season (January – April).  Each system utilizes a cast-in-place concrete tank (storage) with PVC piping connected to existing tin roofs (collection).  In addition, this project provides training for local masons and creates jobs within the community thereby improving the economic resources of Chocantariy.

USC Honduras Water Project

This water project is a continuation of USC’s work with a community called Corral de Piedras in Honduras. The USC team is in the research phase, preparing for an assessment trip in the spring or summer. Current plans involve digging a well (300ft deep or more) or using a rain-catchment system (or a combination) for a community of 300 people. In the case that a well is used, a variety of pumps will be evaluated for use including electric, solar, and hand pumps depending on whether the community has and can afford electricity.

USC Honduras School House Project

The school house project is a “second-phase” project of USC’s work in La Estanzuela, Honduras. The new school building will be located at an existing school site, and will need to provide space for ~20 children. The team hopes to travel in March or May to implement a water system designed for La Estanzuela, and during the same trip conduct an assessment for the school building.