EWB-CSULB – Request for mentorship

We, the Project Team at EWB-CSULB, are requesting student chapter mentorship from your professional chapter. Even though we have already submitted our application to the Community Engineering Corps, we are still in need of additional technical leads and independent review panelists for our domestic project. In addition, we also need sponsorship leads to help carry our project to fulfillment.
If interested in professional mentorship, I have attached some information about the project itself as well as a brief description of the domestic project roles.
We would love to work with your chapter or some your engineers, but in the case that mentorship is not possible, a suggestion for potential leads would be gladly appreciated.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time. We also have a website that will provide additional information about our chapter and project:
Sohn Cook | Technical Writer
Engineers Without Borders—CSULB Chapter | College of Engineering


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