Engineers Without Borders – Los Angeles Professional Chapter collaborates with community partners to design and build sustainable engineering projects.


Engineers Without Borders- Los Angeles Professional Chapter (EWB-LA) is developing an improvement project in Tanzania for the village of Lulindi’s existing tap water system. In 2015, EWB-LA went to Lulindi to build a French drain in order to provide an increased flow of water during the dry season into an already built catchment basin. This catchment basin is the main source of water for the village, and water is distributed to several taps that are installed throughout the village. Other bacteriological water quality tests presented obstacles because the village is in a remote area with no lab access and the terrain is steep, making it difficult to carry a lot of equipment for water quality testing.


EWB using CBTEWB-LA selected the CBT II Kit that uses 100 mL Thio Bags for sample collection and is extremely compact and lightweight. Working with their partner, Orphans and Social Development Organization (OSDO), EWB-LA collected water from the catchment basin and other sources (springs) around the village. Because the ambient temperature was below 25° Celsius, they placed CBT samples in a bag that absorbed the heat but did not let it escape in order to maintain samples between 25-44.5° C.  CBT samples were incubated for 48 hours, the recommended length of time to obtain test results in cooler ambient temperatures.



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